Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Introductory Price offer end?

31st January 2024

What Is Max Richter Piano?

It’s a virtual instrument or ‘sample library’. Based on thousands of in-depth recordings (samples) of his piano, it allows you perform/create music on your own computer with it.

How Do I Use It?

You need to have Kontakt Player, a free sampler, in order to access the samples. You can then use it inside your DAW (digital audio workstation) like Logic, Ableton or Pro Tools.

How Do I Get It?

Once you’ve bought it, you’ll receive an email with a licence key (‘serial’). Open Native Access (which you require to authorise/download the library) and add your serial. Then go to the library and Install it. Sample libraries are large files so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got enough harddrive space or that you’ve set up your download locations to an external drive.

For more information go here:

Can I use these sounds in music I release commercially?

Yes! All of the samples included are 100% royalty free.

What is SRM Sounds?

“We decided to launch SRM Sounds because, even though there are a million sample libraries out there, I could find hardly any that really hit the spot for me.

For composers, sound is an incredibly personal and emotional thing. For many of us, the experience of falling in love with the physical and tactile aspects of sound is what got us into music in the first place, so working with sounds that aren’t quite right is really disturbing.  Therefore, we decided to make our own Kontakt instrument collection, using the wonderful acoustics and technical resources of Studio Richter Mahr.  These instruments have the colours that I love to use to tell the stories I want to tell.”

Max Richter
Studio Richter Mahr