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Max Richter Piano

Max Richter Piano

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The centrepiece of the main live room at Max Richter’s spectacular countryside studio, Studio Richter Mahr, is the coveted Steinway Model D Spirio | r grand piano. Used by Max to compose, rehearse and perform his latest works, this special instrument and its delicate nature underpins his sound and ethos, completely. 

Recorded in great detail with a range of modern and vintage mics, and focusing on the softer dynamics, this is an accurately sampled, precision virtual instrument, capable of performing the level of detail required to access the level of emotion and atmosphere typical in Max’s work.


Virtual Instrument


A pristine Steinway Model D Spirio | r grand, recorded at Studio Richter Mahr.

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Full details

“To tell the stories we all carry inside us”


“This piano is a specialist”


Key Features

  • 2 instruments total ~98GB
  • 3 microphone positions per instrument
  • 5 Round Robins
  • 10 dynamic layers (ppp to mp)
  • Short and long reverb controls
  • Action, dampers & pedal volume control
  • Velocity sensitivity control
  • Kontakt Player library (Version 6.8.0 or higher required)
  • NKS compatible
Photo: Marie Sutter
Photo: Marie Sutter

Recording Notes

Closed Piano - Mics

  • Under - A stereo pair of vintage ribbon microphones for a warm and intimate sound (Coles 4038)
  • Room - A stereo pair of modern valve microphones to capture more of the room (Neumann U67)
  • Ambients - High up in the corners of the live room (Schoeps MK2H)

Open Piano - Mics

  • Close - A stereo pair of vintage ribbon microphones to pick up a rich close sound (Coles 4038)
  • Close 2 - A pair of modern ribbon mics for a close alternative (SE Electronics RNR1 Rupert Neve Designs)
  • Hammers - A set of pencil condenser mics placed directly above the piano hammers for a detailed, percussive sound (Schoeps MK4)


  • Velocity Sensitivity - this enables the user to widen the dynamic range to taste
  • 2 reverbs - short and long

Technical Information

  • Kontakt Library - compatible with Kontakt Player (Free) or Kontakt v6.8.0 and newer.
  • 98GB (uncompressed)
  • Download via Native Access and use serial sent to email to authorise your library.
  • NKS Compatible - works seamlessly with Native Instruments hardware and software, giving you streamlined browsing and more.
Photo: Marie Sutter
Photo: Marie Sutter

About Studio Richter Mahr

Studio Richter Mahr was founded by Max alongside his partner, visual artist Yulia Mahr. 

Set in the English countryside in Oxfordshire, Max and Yulia built the multimedia production studio inside a former farmhouse and have powered it with cutting-edge solar and heat-pump technology. Located within 31 acres of woodland, the duo have a huge passion for using the land to farm and provide a sustainable working environment, serving as a space where both emerging and established creatives can come to develop their work.